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Pat Guariglia has created courses that are packed with hands-on practical exercises that teams can use right away. He's trained over 2,000 people. Find out more.


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Startup Coaching

We have coached and mentored teams and leadership at many NYC startups. Pat Guariglia is an experienced startup founder and he'll bring practical insights to your company.

Introducing Group Coaching for Scrum Masters & Product Owners

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Testimonials from startups to full agile transformations...

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Pieter Nel

Pieter Nel, CTO - Ocrolus, Inc.

“I have worked with Pat Guariglia for 5 years and in two different mid-size New York startups. He is an expert in agile and lean methodologies and his facilitation with our engineering and product teams have led to substantial increases in productivity and job satisfaction. Startups are always a mad rush towards product-market fit and then scaling for growth. Every phase requires a different approach and Pat is an expert at helping startup teams through these transitions. In my personal capacity I’ve also been an advisor in one of Pat’s own startups and as a result, I know he also practices what he preaches. He’s a great storyteller and his own investment pitches are excellent, to the point where he convinced a famous celebrity to join his team!”

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Adi Sideman

CEO & Founder - YouNow, Co-Founder - PropsProject

“Pat worked with our team at YouNow when we were between Series A and Series B funding. During one of our critical growth periods, Pat coached us on how to set up our teams in a way that improved efficiencies, productivity, and delivery predictability to our customers. His perspective was often used as a sanity check for senior leadership as product roadmaps were laid out and strategy was discussed. Pat brought a pragmatic approach that was embraced by those he worked with.”

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Ozzy Raza

CEO - Equeduct, Inc.

“Pat is one of the few renaissance men I know in the Entrepreneur community. His diverse and rich background enables him to contribute to various stages of a company as well as in different areas. He is able to jump from talking about digital marketing to overall company strategy to operations optimization in a heartbeat. He is also execution focused and result oriented. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work and learn from Pat.”

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